Ways Greg Can Help


How Congressman Walden Can Help You:

As your U.S. Representative, Congressman Walden will do everything he can to help you address any questions, issues or problems you may be having with the federal government. While he cannot ask an agency to go against any laws or policies, he will do whatever he can to help resolve your issue and get your questions answered. If you have any questions throughout this process, please don't hesitate to contact his district office staff at 1-800-533-3303 (toll free from the 541 area code).

Federal law requires that he receive a request in writing before his office can take any action on your behalf. Please be sure to fill out the Privacy Release Form, which lets him know that you have authorized his office to help you.  It will also give him and his staff some of the key information needed to start assisting you.  This information will not be used for anything other than official business.

Before submitting the Privacy Waiver to one of his offices, please take a moment to determine if your difficulty is with an agency of the federal government, or one with the state or local government. If your problem is with the State of Oregon - for instance drivers' licenses, property taxes or building permits - please refer to www.oregon.gov. You can also use this site to determine who represents you in the Oregon State Legislature. If you are not a resident of Oregon's Second Congressional District, tradition dictates that Congressman Walden forward your request to the appropriate district to allow your Representative the opportunity to assist you. If you are unsure who your Representative is, or whether your issue is with a federal or state agency, feel free to call his staff at 1-800-533-3303.

Congressman Walden greatly appreciates the confidence you have placed in him to help you with your problem. Continue by selecting one of the two ways to fill in the form: